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Ewals Cargo Care

Ewals Cargo Care

Ewals Cargo Care is a globally acting integrated company, providing transportation, logistic and warehousing services. The company offers a wide range of services and benefits to its clients, mainly of automotive, electrotechnical, petrochemical or heavy industry.

With growing competition and increasing globalisation stress still more and more companies search after service outsourcing and competence transfer to professionals - to companies, which thanks to their experience and skilled employees manage to ensure the efficient transportation and logistic chain management. These decisions aim at clear definition of responsibility, cost saving due to process optimisation, reduction of warehouse stock level, increase of labour efficiency and permanent access to necessary information and evaluations. The Ewals Cargo Care company offers its long-term experience, skills, knowledge and high-quality team of its employees and fellow workers to you in the full scope.

Experience of the Ewals Cargo Care company is based on its 100-year history. During last twenty years it fell in leading providers of transportation services and integrated logistic service in Europe.

At the present time the Ewals Cargo Care company representation exists in most European countries.